Swallow story

Long time ago, when the evil wanted to concur and to rule the entire world, trying to lock all the beautiful things, there was a princess called Hope. This is her story and we must never forget it.

One day, the evil, called Mr. Mischievous, catch princess Hope and encase her for being beauty, trustful and happy all the time. And he told her: “Who do you think you are? From now own, nobody will see you anymore. I can’t afford to let all those people meet your cuteness and your love. They must be sad and ugly and bad.”

Princess hope was scared, but she did not lose her faith. So, she kept praying to the Spring Fairy each day and each night, to help her escape.

And then, in a sunny day, Spring Fairy came with her magic stick, and transform Princess Hope in a little bird. And she told her: “I will give you a strong beak so you can break the cage and powerful wings so you can fly far, far away from this place. And each time you will feel coldness around you, you must go away and come back only if heat return.”

So Princess Hope starts pecking the cage with her beak and she manages getting herself out of there. But, while she was trying to escape, she scratches her neck in the broken bars. Even so, she did not give up. Her willing of getting out in the world and bringing back beauty, hope and happiness was stronger. So, injured and weak, she tried to take flight…

But suddenly, Mr. Mischievous shouted at her: “Where do you think you are going? You belong to me, now!” and he catch her by the tail. Princess Hope wrest herself from Mr. Mischievous hand and flied away. But in that fight, her tail rip apart and, instead of her tail, she had a fork shape. And, because of the pain, her color turned to black, but on her tummy she stayed white, symbol of hope. Everybody called her Swallow, the bird that managed to escape from Mr. Mischievous cage.

All over she went, the Swallow told her story, showing to everybody her new colors: black – symbol of pain, red – symbol of victory and white – symbol of hope.

But she never forgot the advice of Spring Fairy. And that’s why, each time when winter comes, swallows fly far, far away, and they come back only when heat returns.

Inapoi la sapte planete